Sodium bicarbonate for animal – BICAR Z

Натриев бикарбонат за животновъдството - BICAR Z

BICAR Z – Sodium bicarbonate, a high quality product for animal husbandry.

Breeders must continually comply animal feed to changing climatic and biological conditions. Carefully balanced diet is vital to the profitability and quality of the final product.

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural buffer polyvalent and stable product. BICAR® Z is a synthetic and pure sodium hydrogen carbonate is a chemical product of mineral origin and does not contain any components of animal origin. Such ingredients are not used in the manufacturing process.

Sodium bicarbonate BICAR® Z provides a valuable source of non-toxic non-chlorinated sodium is part of a broad range
commercial animal foods:
– balancing diets
– to compensate for variations in body
– specific biological and breeding needs

Suitable for: cattle, turkeys, sheep, broilers, goats, hens, pigs, rabbits.

Sodium bicarbonate BICAR® Z, high-quality product:
– continuous chemical purity strictly controlled;
– thermal stability to normal conditions of ranulirane;
– recognized quality policy;
– high quality packaging adapted to market needs.

There is no risk of contamination with TES / BSE. Sodium bicarbonate BICAR® Z does not contain components from genetically modified soybean, canola or corn. Such ingredients are not used in the production process.