Sodium carbonate / soda ash

Калцирана сода

Calcined sodaE500 – Sodium carbonates (Sodium carbonates).

Sodium carbonate / calcined soda – Na2CO3

Sodium carbonate (soda ash)

(Chemical formula Na2CO3) is prepared by reacting sodium hydroxide and carbon dioxide: 2NaOH + CO2 → Na2CO3 + H2O

Soda ash is a major product of the inorganic synthesis of wide application. The substance is dissolved well in water, in ethanol is practically insoluble.

The processed soda E 500 is mainly used as a stabilizer in the processing of meat products. Above all, these are cooked, smoked-cooked products containing meat (sausages, cooked and smoked sausages, meat rolls, etc.). Sodium carbonate occurs more in composition of the products in the presence of cocoa in them (chocolate, candies, mousses and the like.) And dry milk. As a raising agent used in any bakery, bakery and confectionery.
Except in the food industry, the additive is used in the manufacture of glass, of detergents, and in the paper, leather and metallurgical industry in the production of aluminum, cellulose, pigments.

Sodium carbonate (soda ash)