Avian influenza type A / H5N1 / is highly pathogenic viral disease in birds and spreads
air from wild birds more susceptible breeds. It can be transmitted through contaminated food, water, equipment and clothing. The disease can be transmitted to humans by contact with infected animals. The effect of Proxitane® AHC has been tested in Asia in 2004 during the outbreak of bird flu in which it was found that it is effective when diluted 1: 250 against avian influenza type A / H5N1 /. Proxitane® AHC has a variety of applications from routine disinfection of animal rooms to disinfect drinking water. Proxitane® AHC is a fast-acting oxidizing biocide effective against avian flu, also covers a wide range of microorganisms that decompose to environmentally safe degradation products. And there is no identifiable risk of development of resistance to Proxitane® AHC.
The advantages of peroksigenniya disinfectant are low dosage, low corrosivity,
elimination of the need for a final rinsing operation at a low temperature.