Water is a gift of nature and now more than ever is a precious commodity. But it was not created exactly the same everywhere. Only by further treatment it acquires the properties required for a specific use.
Limestone deposits formed, overlays, and so-called limestone erosion. It forms an insulating layer, which is established in boilers, heaters, washing machines and dishwashers, which leads to consumption of more energy. The hotter the water, the more lime accumulates appliances.
Soft water prevents scale build-up in household appliances that are in contact with water, resulting in significant energy savings!

The best solution is a device for water softening salt tablets and quality to ensure the reliable robot. Speaking of quality, Industrialkomplekt Corp. offers such originating in Germany – it enough? AXAL® Pro brand is owned by esco – european salt company – number one on the European market. German quality tablet is a sure guarantee for their reliability.
Pelletized salt AXAL® Pro allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of soft water:
• Shine
In the restaurant business – the application of AXAL® Pro saves time and effort for cleaning glasses and kitchens.
• Care and Comfort
Soft water makes you feel much better with the feeling of soft skin, silky hair and fluffy laundry!
• Feeling
With each load of the washing machine limestone accumulates in the fibers of the clothes as microcrystals. The laundry out of the washing machine gray, dull and hard and wear out prematurely. With soft water laundering retains its original flexibility, entirely without the help of factory softeners. With less detergents, textiles are washed more gently, and colors remain in sparking.
• Flavor and Fragrance
Choosing soft water, you will rediscover the natural flavor of food. Aromatic ingredients can be destroyed by limestone. There is no dispute about the benefits of soft water when preparing beverages such as coffee or tea.
• Caring for nature and the budget
Soft water reduces costs, increases comfort, quality of life and care for the environment.