SuperTab ®water softening salt tablets


In many industrial and commercial applications, soft water is essential and is used in the worlds of

gastronomy and hotels as well as in hospitals and laundrettes. SuperTab® salt tablets offer perfect

properties for use in medium to large water softening systems based on ion exchanger resins.The result is efficient, problem free water softening with all the advantages, such as less limescale

build-up, a longer service life for installations and equipment, less energy consumption and better

performance, fewer problems in day-to-day operations running, a reduction in the amount of

detergent needed and time and money savings on care and maintenance.


Strict quality demands are made on special salts for the regeneration of water softening systems so that they do not impair the function of the ion exchanger material. By satisfying the purity criteria and testing requirements of the European EN 973 Type A and Codex Alimentarius, SuperTab® salt tablets provide the ideal means for generating soft water. The salt used to make SuperTab® also complies with the quality requirements for food grade salt.



SuperTab® salt tablets are made from high-purity, fully soluble vacuum salt. This special salt is free from additives that could impair the function of the ion exchanger. SuperTab® salt tablets contain no harmful ingredients, are completely soluble and are resistant to decay. The patented, convex form of the SuperTab® salt tablets and their low content of fine particles ensure maximum solubility and dissolving speed.




The vacuum salt used to make SuperTab®salt tablets is compacted at high pressure using a special manufacturing process under controlled conditions. This evenly-applied pressure prevents the premature crumbling of the salt tablets and minimizes the degree of salt dust.