Monocalcium phosphate for animal feeding

Монокалциев фосфат за животинско хранене


Monocalcium phosphate (Ca (H2PO4) 2H2O) is particularly valuable additive to feed for rearing pigs, poultry and ruminants. Winner of phosphorus and 22.0% calcium 16.0%. Phosphorus ranks second in importance to animals after calcium.

Monokaltsieviya phosphate (Feed type) is widely used as a source of phosphorus and calcium for agricultural animals. Practice shows that the percentage of digestible phosphorus in mono phosphate is 98% – the best possible made in phosphorus chemicals in raising farm animals.

Compared with other sources of phosphorus, the use of mono-phosphate ultimately leads to higher profitability – increase in milk production, growth in animals affects the quality of meat and milk, reducing the cost of food. Monocalcium phosphate for animal feeding